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the profession of Licensed guide

A professional with you

The licensed guide is a cultural mediator leading guided tours and lectures in the territories and heritage places, as he aims to promote the French cultural heritage.

The profession of guide is regulated. Only people holding a professional license granted by the French State can lead guided tours in cultural institutions such as "Musée de France" labelled Museums and Historical Monuments.

The professional license is obtained after demanding university studies.

A competent and qualified guide has a good general knowledge, in-depth knowledge in history, art history, ethnography, economy, geography... He fully masters the territory in which he intervenes.

Guides have to show high availability in order to fulfill the visitors' expectations. They are generally fluent in one or more foreign languages.


Professional association of licensed guides in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region


It's our job!

GRENAT is the only professional association, in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region, gathering only professional tour guides.


Every GRENAT member possesses an official and professional license granted by the French government and can also speak several foreign languages.

Looking for a licensed guide ...

Even though we are NOT a travel agency, GRENAT association is working to develop a permanent link between our members, touristic and cultural operators as well as individuals.


Our directory of GRENAT members will allow you to contact them directly according to the sectors and foreign languages ​​you are looking for.


You can also send us your requests and we will forward them to our members.

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