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licensed tour guide

A full-fledged profession

The licensed guide leads guided tours and lectures in the territories and heritage places, as he aims to promote the French cultural heritage..

Guides have to show high availability in order to fulfill the visitors' expectations. They are generally fluent in one or more foreign languages.

They are also passionate people who can also advise you on how to organize your stay.

a regulated practice

learning our profession


The practice of the profession is regulated

Only people holding a professional license granted by the French government can conduct guided tours in cultural institutions such as the "Musée de France" labelled Museums and Historical Monuments.

When a travel and holiday operator organizes a guided tour, as part of a commercial service, in those sites, he must use a licensed tour guide, approved in France or in a country of the European Union.

This regulation applies to travel and holiday operators headquartered in France as well as to travel operators from the EU or from non-EU countries.

une pratique règlementée

D'une grande disponibilité, d'une bonne capacité d'adaptation aux attentes des visiteurs, il s'exprime avec aisance dans une ou plusieurs langues étrangères.

C'est un passionné qui peut aussi vous conseiller pour le montage de votre séjour.

learning how to become a guide

Guiding ... is not about improvising!

4 sites in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes


The professional license is obtained after demanding university studies.

A competent and qualified guide has a good general knowledge, in-depth knowledge in History, Art History, Ethnography, Economy, and Geography... He fully masters the territory in which he intervenes.


Professional license

Where to get it?

As the professional license is granted by the French government, it is delivered by the prefecture services of your department of residence.


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