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La force du nombre


Aperoguide in Auvergne: Every month, these "Aperoguides" allow guides to meet and discuss about the profession

Strength in numbers

GRENAT is above all a network born from the desire and the need to federate licensed guides.

GRENAT association exists today because it was necessary to constitute a network based on solidarity and mutual assistance.


Just a membership form to fill out

All you have to do is download and send the membership form to the association's address.

Memberships are valid until December 31th of the current year regardless of the date of subscription.


2021 subscription amount: 35 €

Donations are welcome : You can add a sum in the "support" box.

Membership renewal

Please renew your subscription imperatively before January 31st.
If you missed the deadline, be aware that your name will no longer appear in the directory, and you will no longer receive newsletters from the association.

Comment nous rejoindre

being part of GRENAT

It means...

  • Benefiting from legal and regulatory advice on the profession

  • Accessing targeted training sessions   provided internally by other members

  • Receive Job offers (guidance and assistance)

  • Take advantage of regular exchanges between members


Formation aux premiers secours, Lyon 2020


It also implies ...

  • The desire to be part of a team without a competitive spirit among its members

  • To share information and job offers with other members of the network

  • To be an ambassador of the association

  • To get involved in the life of the association.

Journée internationale des guides, Lyon 2017

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Some downloadable documents


Statutes of the association


Presentation document


Membership form 2021

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