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A privileged partner

in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region

GRENAT was created in 2002 and is the only professional association for licensed guides in the whole Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region.

Working on

A better recognition of a profession

GRENAT members are holding a professional licensed granted by the French government, and are speaking several foreign languages.

The main vocation of this association is to promote the profession and the abilities of our members. GRENAT is an affiliated member of the National Federation of licensed tour-guides (FNGIC), that works in order to recognize the qualifications of professional tour-guides and to defend their interests.

Acting on

Counting in the regional cultural landscape

As a professional association, GRENAT is the privileged interlocutor for the professions linked to guidance and mediation. It also constitutes a real and permanent observatory of our profession. It regularly organizes training sessions for its members in order to enrich their knowledge.

GRENAT serves, as well, as a bridge between licensed guides, individuals and tourist operators by forwarding to its members all the offers addressed to it. Moreover, a directory enlisting our members allows everyone to directly contact them if needed.

In 2021

Grenat keeps on working

  • On developing our rapprochement with our colleagues from Auvergne for an association that would be more representative of our new region.

  • On maintaining cohesion between members for a strong profession.

  • On continuing our rapprochement with other national and regional associations of licensed tour guides in France ( links to which you will find here)

  • On defending our position against government decisions.

  • On Contributing to the quality of our members' knowledge through professional trainings and lectures.

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How to join us?

Are you a new member?

All you have to do is to download and send the membership form to the association's address.

Membership is valid until December 31 of the current year regardless of the date of entry.

Do you want to re-enroll?

Click on the following link

2021 contribution amount: € 35

Donations are welcome, you can add a sum in the "support" box.

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